Aim High.                                   We’ll Help You Beat Your Target.

You invest in employee training for all the right reasons. You want to improve quality, increase productivity, reduce costs and increase morale so your customers are happy, employee retention is high and the enterprise is profitable. You know training is the key to achieving world class standards in your market, but it feels like that goal is a very long way away.

Not that we want to contradict you, but no, it isn’t. In fact, it’s close.

What if, instead of “aiming for a higher standard” than the competition, you could set entirely new standards for them to aspire to? One of our clients put it this way: “Before, we were looking up at world-class standards. Now, we are looking down at them, because we are setting a new standard.” That was no fluke. That was the result of our 100% Proficiency® training methods in operation.

When your training programs produce 100% Proficiency in every trainee, every time, productivity can’t help but increase. Errors become a rarity, even for the newest line people, and those quality-killing “short cuts” are a thing of the past. We know it hasn’t been that way. But just because it hasn’t, doesn’t mean it can’t. Ask any of our clients.

These results are real, measurable, and repeatable. Armed with 100% Proficiency training methodology, your training staff will keep producing those results for as long as you decide to stay in business. Yes, it really is that good.

Do you want to:

The answer is, of course, “All of the above.” 100% Proficiency training solves all of them. It also reduces trainer time by 50–70% while ensuring every employee achieves 100% Proficiency on the job in 50% or less time than with older methods.

This is what we mean by "From Ordinary to Extraordinary"!

Client Results

“We all view 100% Proficiency as a key strategic and competitive advantage for our organization and thank you for your help.”
– Senior VP, Operations

“The quality goal was to improve from 94% to a ‘world class’ standard of 98%. The target for productivity improvement was 20%. Quality rose to 99.5%, higher than expected, and productivity rose by 28%. The improved quality meant higher quality for customers. This translated into increased sales. The elimination of daily calls to the V.P. of Operations from angry customers and Sales people was priceless.” – Director Operations

“Our post-training study proved that 100% Proficiency reduces training time by 50% and increases retention. A whopping 33% of the employees who were trained without 100% Proficiency needed additional training within two months. Not one person trained with 100% Proficiency was ill prepared. For this reason and the fact that 98% of those trained said they recommend using 100% Proficiency for future training, we have decided to expand our use of 100% Proficiency. Thank you for introducing us to such a powerful training tool.” – Project Manager