100% Proficiency® Training

Since the 1940’s, corporate training has been “mass-produced”.  It doesn’t develop full individual potential and it doesn’t result in “super stars”.

100% Proficiency® training gives you an organization of “super stars”.  It defies out-dated training models and results in complete proficiency … for every trainee. 

While reducing training time by 50%.

If you are ready for a revolution in your training results, let us know.  We can help you take your existing training efforts and transform them into 100% Proficiency for your employees.

Every student feels the training is being delivered 1-on-1 with them even though we have a whole group of trainees at the same time. The interaction is phenomenal. They really appreciate it.
I told my boss it is revolutionary. It turns training on its head. The difference in the result from the training when trainees are 100% Proficient is startling, especially their sense of accomplishment. When they sign the declaration section at the end of each module, they are excited, very happy about it. When they’re done, they are beaming, you can see ‘I really feel a sense of accomplishment’ in their eyes. Oh my! Yes, it is very different than what we are used to seeing.