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November 20, 2019 from 9am - 5pm




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What’s the secret to creating resistance-free, big change really fast? 

Knowing this you can create unlimited positive impact.  You can change a mind.  Change a culture.  Change lives.  And you can even change yourself too if you’d like.

A learning curve starts when you initiate any change, whether that change is happening to you, or you are attempting to create change in another person, a department or a whole organization.

A learning curve is how much learning and change happen in a given period of time.


Frustrations of a Typical Learning Curve

Anyone who has tried to implement big change will tell you a typical learning curve looks like this:

  • Resistance to change

  • Confusion

  • Painful struggle and frustration

  • Takes a long time

  • Uses up a lot of resources

  • Sometimes you quit before you get there

  • Finally, after a bumpy ride, you arrive, but not 100% of the time

Remove the Barriers and Transform the Learning Curve

The only reason you get stuck or go slow is because you’ve encountered hidden barriers that block you from success.

We’ve just received a request from a couple special clients for a workshop on how to remove the barriers to transform the learning curve.  It’s something we’re quite expert in. 

You’ll learn what the hidden obstacles are, how to remove them and how to create dramatically powerful transformation in a very short period of time.  For yourself and the world around you.

What does Success Look Like?

  • An executive was chartered with changing the culture of a 100-year-old corporation from “slow and stodgy” to “innovative and agile”. Two executives before her had encountered tremendous resistance to change and given up.  She was able to do it rapidly with enthusiastic support from all levels of the organization.

  • A corporate attorney was promoted to a new role which required expertise he was missing.  He was sinking fast and thinking about giving up.  Using what he learned he pulled himself out of it in 2 weeks and became a strong leader who added great value.

  • A Senior VP was told he needed to learn how to be more “diplomatic”. People had been trying to teach him this for years with no luck.  Using this approach, he mastered it in under four hours.

  • Another Senior Vice President was failing to get the concept of respect across to his peers. When he used this approach, they all closed their laptops and started listening to him. The culture within the group changed in one meeting.

  • A VP changed organizations and his new role was overwhelming him. The impossible technology learning curve was killing the success he was expected to rapidly produce for the organization. When he used this approach, that all changed in an afternoon. He was on top of the situation and gained immediate traction, creating organizational success and industry recognition.

  • An Executive Assistant’s daughter threatened to commit suicide because she was flunking out of nursing school and it was her last hope for success.  Using what she learned, the Executive Assistant turn the situation around and the daughter graduated nursing school in the top three of her class.

  • A sales professional in the semiconductor industry was given an unpromising territory because she was new to the role. Using what she learned, she took business away from competitors.  In other words, she got their customers to change.  She rapidly became one of the top sales people in her organization.

Does This Apply to You?

It applies to you if you’re working to change the world and make a difference, if you’re trying to make your voice heard, create transformation, lead, persuade, sell, or influence.

It also applies to you if you’re in a situation where you need to rapidly learn or come up to speed yourself. What we’re going to present has helped many people who are drowning in new roles.

And everyone tells us it helps them at home, especially with their kids or grand kids.

This workshop is always a big hit.  Participants report later they:

  • Became impactful leaders

  • Created organizational transformation

  • Changed the culture

  • Increased productivity and quality

  • Created a winning team

  • Got through to someone who was previously impossible

  • Taught their kids how to be responsible

  • Have husbands who are now romantic (reportedly a tough learning curve without this knowledge!)

If this resonates with you, there are six seats left.  We don’t have a plan to offer this workshop again, it’s pretty advanced stuff.  We’re doing it as a special favor for a couple special clients.

What you learn here will enable you to create positive change whether you’re talking about yourself, another person, a department or the whole organization.  This is a skill that has VERY broad application.

It gives you confidence when you roll anything out that it will be successful and that you’ll get there fast.

If you want that, we recommend this workshop.


What Clients Say:

We saw great benefits implementing a big change with 400 employees. They were really engaged – just what we wanted to happen. I’m so excited we are making such a positive difference with our employees. Getting FANTASTIC feedback. All management is thrilled. This is the FUNNEST thing I’ve ever done!
As a CEO I gained a wealth of information on how to be a better leader, manager, teacher and student. I loved the information and how it was presented.
I learned how to master any subject rapidly and am confident I can learn anything fast. And effortlessly. As an aside, it totally debugged why I was having trouble learning how to do jumps in mountain biking.
It has become evident to me that this workshop has empowered me with a life-long skill. One that will not only help me but also whatever company I work in.
I gained a wealth of information on how to be a better leader, manager, teacher and student. I loved the information, presentation of information and that so many were able to experience it in the company. I am so happy the whole senior management team was able to do it too.”
— President
The culture completely changed. We now have a culture of respect.
In truth we owe you much more than just a new way to learn. This helped me help my daughter in school in ways I never expected. My wife and I have found a new patience hidden inside understanding the learning barriers and how to remove them. That patience has brought a light into my home that has transformed the way my entire family interacts. The program you brought us has in fact made us better, more patient, and more thoughtful parents. And I’m not even going to start on the changes it’s brought to my wife and I. Our ability to talk our way into a solution, instead of frustration, has been nothing short of a miracle.


December 20, 2019 from 9 A.M. - 5 P.M.




Effective Training Solutions training center - 1195 Park Avenue., Suite 201, Emeryville, CA 94608


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