This workshop turns training on its head.  To begin with, you will learn how to set full on-the-job proficiency as the standard for your training.  And then you will become skilled at removing the barriers which keep your trainees from achieving proficiency, causing you to dramatically improve the quality of your training and your results.

What clients say:

There are many things I took from your class that made me a more effective trainer. New Hires in this industry can get very intimidated with all they need to learn. One minute you have them and they are engaged and the next minutes it’s that deer in the headlights look. I have taken several trainees over the years that were labeled untrainable and had them up and running. The results are off the charts. Your class made my job a whole lot easier and put a fire back in me that was starting to dwindle in regards to training.”
Wow! I gained so much. I feel I have a real understanding of how people learn and what the barriers are. I believe I have new skills to use with my employees, family and self. I also believe our company now has a common body of knowledge and common language that can help improve results and improve our culture. Very enjoyable. The time flew by.”
I’ve come to know how important my job is; it will also affect many people. During this training I’ve received tools that’ll help me achieving my goals as a trainer. Though it was quite a lot of knowledge, I don’t feel overloaded at all. The training materials were really good.”
I realized that this training does actually work and I can use it in my personal life also. I feel I have acquired new skills. I think my confidence has really improved.”