Reduce Cost

Training your people to do the job right and efficiently will have a big effect on your costs.  100% Proficiency has been known to save organizations thousands to millions of dollars.

“Our Cost of Quality has been reduced from 22% of sales to 12.3% as a result of this training.  This corresponds to dollar savings of $2.4 million on an annual basis.  100% proficiency has resulted in 85% reduction of rework on one product line alone.  I would also like to say we received exceptional support.  You helped us develop the program into a very powerful tool.”
-- General Manager
“The quality goal was to improve from 94% to a ‘world class’ standard of 98%.  The target for productivity improvement was 20% in the major production area and for other minor production areas 10%.  The projected factory ROI was 280%.  Because quality rose to 99.5%, higher than expected, and productivity rose by 28% in major production areas and 15% in other areas, actual factory ROI was 310%. Field quality improved from 93% to 98%. Cost savings could be calculated based on fewer service calls, fewer customer visits by field engineers and fewer systems returned to the repair centers. The combined factory and field ROI was 570%.  The improved workmanship quality meant higher quality in the field.  This translated into increased sales.  Unfortunately, this number was impossible to calculate.  The elimination of daily calls to the V.P. of Operations from angry customers and Sales people, however, was priceless.”
-- Director Operations

Make sure your employees are well trained

With 100% Proficiency employees demonstrate they are 100% Proficient with each aspect of their job.

“We now are finding that production managers are demanding the high level of competence which comes from 100% Proficiency training – they are demanding competence from their staff and from all the other departments, which pushes the envelope for the whole company.”
 -- Senior VP Operations
“100% Proficiency has allowed us to really keep a laser focus on the behaviors and processes that matter most.  We have found our employees to be more motivated with a higher production output.  We have seen a higher caliber employee come out of our training classes and they are staying with the company longer which has reduced employee turnover with employees trained with 100% Proficiency.  Simply put, 100% Proficiency has made us a stronger company, allowing us the opportunity to bridge the gap between ‘thinking they know’ to ‘knowing they know.’”
-- President

Make sure all employees are following work instructions

100% Proficiency teaches employees to rely on the work instructions and to follow them step by step.  They learn the value of doing it the right way vs taking a short cut or inventing a new way to do the job.

“Everyone is now held to the same level or standard.  Consistent production has cleared up a lot of arguments on the floor that resulted from an employee thinking his or her way was better.  Furthermore the defect rate has dropped drastically.  Trouble shooting in the field ran about 80% before 100% Proficiency dropped to virtually zero after 100% Proficiency.  And thanks to the production consistency, if there is a problem with one machine, it is likely uniform throughout all the machines, making it easier to fix. An additional perk is that empoyee morale has improved.”
-- Director