What if your “Best People” were “All of Them”?

Most organizations are used to having only a handful of “Super Stars”.  What if you had internal training that consistently gave you an organization of “Super Stars”?

We have a 33-year track record of helping organizations like yours go from depending on a small group of top performers to being able to teach all employees to achieve the highest productivity and quality standards.

This is especially helpful if you are onboarding large groups of employees and want to bring them up to speed fast.  It also helps if you have productivity or quality metrics that you would like to shoot up in a rocket ride of improvement.

We teach you how to apply 100% Proficiency Training methods to your existing training so you get much more from your training efforts.

100% Proficiency can be used to teach any skills, including sales and customer service.

We’ve worked in all kinds of industries across 30 countries. We work fast and we’re effective. We’ve helped many organizations rapidly onboard new employees and  improve productivity and quality.

Client Results

We now are finding that managers are demanding the high level of competence which comes from 100% Proficiency training – they are demanding competence from their staff and from all the other departments, which pushes the envelope for the whole company.
— Senior V.P.
In all of my 38 years in corporate America, this was, without a doubt, the most effective training program I have ever encountered – it producedmeasurable results. ... Increased production/performance was almost immediately realized. It rekindled our employees’ desire to learn how to improve job performance and accelerated the individual’s pride through learning and realizing the benefits it could produce. I was extremely pleased because the employee-supervisor morale was the highest I’d ever observed.
— Supply Chain Manager
We have seen a higher caliber employee come out of our training classes and they are staying with the company longer which has reduced employee turnover with employees trained with 100% Proficiency.
— President
Our post-training study proved that 100% Proficiency reduces training time by 50% and increases retention. A whopping 33% of the employees who were trained without 100% Proficiency needed additional training within two months. Not one person trained with 100% Proficiency was ill prepared. For this reason and the fact that 98% of those trained said they recommend using 100% Proficiency for future training, we have decided to expand our use of 100% Proficiency. Thank you for introducing us to such a powerful training tool.
— Project Manager
A profound observation I thought I would share is how quickly we find the trainees move to judgment with the information. During the training not only can they reiterate back to us the nuts and bolts of the topic, but they are able to manipulate the information and move to judgment because they truly understand the information they have learned. This has cut our training time down considerably.
— Vice President
We have found that our actual training time has been cut, in some cases, as much as 80%! Obviously, this has saved us valuable time and resources, from both the trainer and trainee perspective.
— President
100% Proficiency Training for our Contract Managers has proved to be of groundbreaking significance and the model for all future projects of its kind. Tremendous thanks. I recommend your services very highly to all kinds of businesses.
— Regional Director
The quality goal was to improve from 94% to a ‘world class’ standard of 98%. The target for productivity improvement was 20%. Quality rose to 99.5%, higher than expected, and productivity rose by 28%. The improved quality meant higher quality for customers. This translated into increased sales. The elimination of daily calls to the V.P. of Operations from angry customers and Sales people was priceless.
— Director of Operations
Thanks to 100% Proficiency Training, we are bringing a consistent level of skills and understanding to everyone. Our innovative products make us one of the most desired brand names. 100% Proficiency Training is turning our quality into another competitive advantage. With your help, we are transforming this strong, product-oriented company into a well-balanced leader in our industry.
— Training Manager