You’ll have 100% of our concentrated focus

This Premium Coaching service is delivered 1-on-1.  We’ll work on every goal you want to achieve, every issue you want to address, every question you have.  It’s 100% focused on you.

Our Premier Coaching clients include:

  • CEOs

  • High level executives

  • High achievers looking for the polish needed to get promoted to the C-Suite

  • Women dedicated to breaking the glass ceiling once and for all

  • Passionate visionaries dedicated to being the most inspiring leader their organization ever had

  • High potential professionals

  • The world’s greatest authorities in their fields who get stage fright giving presentations

  • Top notch professionals preparing for a major presentation

  • Sales professionals with aggressive quotas

  • Successful individuals in challenging situations that are beyond their current skills

  • Attorneys who manage large legal departments

  • High performers who want to achieve a new personal best

  • Persons interviewing for a significant new role & negotiating financial compensation

  • Labor relations negotiators

  • Technical experts who have been invited to speak at conferences

  • Successful and ambitious Early in Career professionals

The Coaching Process

What happens exactly is going to depend your goals.  We'll start with a conversation where we ask a lot of questions (both ways) to gather information about you so we can design the perfect coaching program for you.  Most likely your program will include intensive personal coaching and video so you can see yourself as you develop powerful new skills.  Here is a link that describes this process: ·

Intense Personal Focus

We also deliver the entire curriculum of our Causative Communication Live! and Transforming Your Presentation Skills workshops in a 1-on-1 setting for those individuals who want the intense focus on their personal goals and their personal skill development that 1-on-1 instruction brings.

Number of Sessions and Schedule

The number of sessions and length of coaching engagement will depend on your goals.  We’ll work out the schedule when we talk with you.

Ingrid is only able to take 2 new clients/month.  We also have other expert coaches available.

If You Want to Bring Someone with You

Occasionally clients like to bring another person with them for this concentrated coaching.  That’s fine.

Next Step

Contact us to schedule a phone appointment to discuss your goals.  We’ll let you know what program we recommend, the number of sessions and cost. 

a few client comments:

“I just got promoted to SVP!  It never would have happened without your coaching.  I feel truly ready to lead!”

“I am convinced that the skills I learned have been the biggest factors in changing the trajectory of my career. There is no doubt about it. It makes me smile to compare conversations I had before (where they labeled me as a “strong practitioner”) to the daily interactions I have now with the senior executives who promoted me 3X in 2 years and treat me like a “high level leader”. I was the only person out of the 500+ of us to receive this many promotions, and this particular level of promotion. It is heady stuff and very exciting.”

“This coaching is nothing short of life-altering, and therefore gives me a brand new focus.  It is no exaggeration when I say that this coaching can change the world.”

“Thank you for preparing me for that difficult negotiation.  I and my organization are thrilled with the outcome.  You’ll be reading about it in the Wall Street Journal in a couple of days.”

“It is rare in life that you get coaching and that coaching becomes a defining moment in your life. Ingrid’s coaching is a defining moment in my life. It’s a life changing program that is transformative and powerful, as it truly teaches you what it means to be an effective communicator (and as Ingrid frequently says ‘How to get everything you want in life,’ which is an added bonus).”

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching on my communication skills. Not only were the sessions hosted in an excellent environment, but the skills I acquired were both life-long and life-altering.  The most profound is that the skills I learned can be used in any and all venues; with all age groups, with people from all walks of life. Not only is the expertise I learned applicable in the business world where tough topics and even tougher conversations often prevail, but in my personal life as well.  The ability to communicate at such a high level and do so effectively is crucial to my ability to succeed in all aspects of my life. I will utilize these skills for the rest of my life.”

“I really feel changed at the core for the first time in my life.  It just feels really different.”

“You have changed my life.”

“What I liked about this coaching is that it does not try to analyze what is in my head and what might be the reasons why it got there. Instead, it focuses on cause-and-effect of different communication protocols and shows how extraordinary communication keeps one in control of the positive emotional band in which one wishes to stay, and helps one pull others up to that band of positive energy and high interest.   I am accomplishing all of my goals.  These were the most useful and on target coaching sessions I have ever attended.”

“Coming to this coaching I was absolutely labeled as a good presenter by my audiences and my peers back home.  I had been addressing high level audiences around the world successfully for years.  I had no idea what I was missing out on.  This workshop took me from the ranks of good presenter - but amateur really - into the rarified atmosphere of being a charismatic communicator.  I truly feel my audiences will never be the same!  Thank you for a stellar job in helping me ‘arrive’!”

 “I now completely captivate any audience in front of me. This is a very special coaching.  I did this training late last year and it was so transformational for me that my Boss who has really good presentation skills decided to do it and it really changed his life. Our daily role involves being in front of groups and executives worldwide. I can’t say enough about this coaching.  The testimonials in the description of the coaching are all true!  My wins are BIG.”

“Thank you for preparing me to speak at the industry conference.  As you know, I was a nervous wreck getting ready for it.  When it was time, I was completely in command and posed, and even had fun!  What I didn’t know was that the conference holds a competition for “Best Presenter”.  After your coaching I was expecting to give a great presentation, but I wasn’t expecting to win the “Best Presenter” award!  I’m completely blown away.”

“This will transform completely the way that I communicate and my career.  The complete transformation in my presentation and the way I connected with and spoke to the audience, delivered the information and brought life into a dull meeting is so exciting.  This coaching should absolutely be a requirement for all business professionals within our industry.  Thank you so much for giving me this confidence in my presentation skills and helping improve my career.”

 “The coaching was simple! Straightforward and to the point! I find it very easy to remember what I learned regardless of what situation I find myself in.  Truly a testament to the value of your coaching.  And it works! Yesterday I was in the middle of a very tense situation and I kept bringing the focus around! And it worked again!  Was able to defuse a situation that would have exploded out of the control for no worthy reason. Thank you very much, you have truly expanded my skill set.”

 “I made it!!! The presentation turned out to be very good. I got a lot of applause during the presentation.  And I just got my score for the presentation, 4.91 out of 5. One of the best scores among my colleagues. :)  There was very good engagement from the audience. This was the first time that I didn’t write down a script, but practiced with a natural flow. It is much better. I actually enjoyed the whole process to prepare, practice and present.  I got a lot of compliments after the presentation. I really appreciate all your help and your encouragement.”

“The coaching on Transforming Your Presentation Skills has really continued to set a new direction for us. We have been able to practice those skills we learned from you and we use them all the time.  They produce nothing short of spectacular results.  We were asked to present at a couple of the key industry conferences and the results were nothing less than remarkable.  Our presenters were recognized (in writing) as the best at the conference.  I can’t thank you enough.”