When you talk to a group do you want to …

  • Be so compelling, so free of stress or strain, so effortlessly great that everyone is immediately drawn in by you?   
  • Make a deep connection with everyone in the room?  
  • Communicate with great clarity
  • Share your vision and bring others along?
  • Feel confident, and even exhilarated, by the incredible group energy you create?

That’s what you’ll have after this training.

If your ideas are powerful, how you express them needs to be equally powerful.

Many people find no matter how much they prepare, practice and rehearse, they still feel unprepared.  It’s not the material you’re not prepared to deliver – it’s the audience you’re not prepared for!  The big problem is how do you make a deep connection with this group of people?

making a deep connection with your audience

Most people try to connect with the audience with their words. 

But if you don't have that connection first, your words are powerless.  They’ll fall flat.  And nothing feels worse than having your words fall flat in front of an audience.

It has nothing to do with the words. It has everything to do with you.

Seeing a blur vs making a real connection

Most people when they present have difficulty facing their audience. At best, they usually connect with maybe one or two people, the rest of the audience is a blur. For many people the entire audience is a total blur. There’s no other word for it – a blur.

That blur is a sure sign you have not made a real connection, because when you’re fully connected, their faces are crystal clear, even with a very large audience.  More importantly, you can clearly see they are with you.  You are connected.

What happens when you have that connection

It’s not enough to connect with some of the people in the room.  Having that connection with all of them slows you down, makes you relax completely, makes your words flow so you don't need a script. It makes you communicate with compelling clarity. You own the whole room. You're not self-conscious. You come across as a natural leader. People want to hear more. You're deeply immersed in the power of your ideas … and you know your audience gets it and is right there with you.

This does not happen naturally for most people, especially not when they’re in front of an audience they don’t know or one that’s cold.  

That’s why it’s a skill.

Why is this skill valuable?

 It’s rare to find someone who can make a deep connection with everyone in the room.  Think about it.  How many people do you know who can do it? 

Making a deep connection with everyone in the room, even when it’s a tough audience, is a profound experience.  The group energy that comes back to you is amazing. 

“I presented to senior staff yesterday.  The entire room was in complete silence and so engaged during the entire hour that you could practically feel the energy from their eyes and minds.  If you have ever sat in one of these meetings, you know how unusual that is.  Normally it is a multi-tasking fest! The compliments I received afterwards were overwhelming.  They could not have been more complimentary… I was told it was the best presentation they had ever heard.”

It's beyond words.

Your presentations are important!  They create opportunity for you. These are career-defining moments that require skill.   It doesn’t “just happen”.  It takes skill to turn opportunity into success.  You don’t ever want to walk off and feel you could have done way better.

“I made the exact same presentation to management last week that I made before attending your workshop.  The presentation before the workshop failed to get approved.  My most recent presentation was approved! The chair of the meeting even commented that I made a very good presentation.”

You can stop worrying and relax

When you know you can make a deep connection with any audience, even a cold one, you don’t need to endlessly rehearse or fuss with your slides, you’ll sleep well the night before any presentation, regardless of who is in the audience, regardless of how big that audience is, regardless of how high the stakes are. You’ll be persuasive because of your compelling clarity.  It’s a natural high like no other.

“The most beautiful moment was when I walked on stage in front of shining lights. Could not see the people, but felt their energy, and there was no stopping me.  I gave them total honesty about the issues and my recommendations.  Lots of positive feedback.  Some even said they got goose bumps.”

In short, your message gets through and others get on board with enthusiasm

Knowing How

Confidence comes when you know you can make it happen any time.  This is vital for your success, regardless of where you are in the organization. 

Everyone knows they want to connect with their audience, but hardly anyone knows what that means, they've never experienced it, they don't even know what they're shooting for.  They’re simply throwing out their words and hoping they land.

This creates stress and anxiety, for even the brightest professionals and best executives.

And connecting is just the beginning.  Once you master the skill of connecting, you need to also master how to bring the audience along to achieve an extraordinary outcome with any presentation you give.

There are about 12 different skills you need to master for you to be able to do this with any audience, even a cold one, whether it’s an audience of 3 or 3,000. 

It can easily take a lifetime of painful trial and error, but you know as well as we do, most people never figure it out.  It, very simply, is not something you’ll easily figure out on your own.  It will remain a mystery and a source of stress forever.


Our 2-day Transforming Your Presentation Skills workshop is the easiest and fastest way to gain all these skills because you’ll learn what you need to know and be good at it in only a matter of days.  You just need to show up and we'll take you through a proven step-by-step personal and professional development process full of "Aha!" moments and new abilities for you.  Doing this workshop is a whole lot faster and easier than getting beat up by life and trying to figure it out yourself, or relying on hit-or-miss “feedback” from inexperienced coaches. 

This workshop is a combination of:

  1. Eye-opening data about making deep human connections when you present, and where to go from there to create amazing outcomes
  2. Intensive, expert coaching while you practice and master these skills
  3. Videotaping you so you see your progress and “before & after” (will blow you away)

You'll leave this workshop with the ability to make a deep human connection and create amazing outcomes … with any group or audience.  The impact on your career, and quite possibly your personal life, will be extraordinary.

Contact us to discover how this workshop will help you achieve your goals.  We'll be thrilled to work with you.  You can also register for one of our open enrollment sessions.

clients are raving about the results:

The workshop ‘Transforming Your Presentation Skills’ is AMAZING. I flew up to do it and IT WAS WORTH IT! If you have a chance to hear these lectures and do these tailored exercises, do whatever it takes — the trainers and the workshop are extraordinary!! The workshop was a real eye-opener. It’s like I’ve been walking all my life and the Trainers told me I could fly if I tried — and I did and I could!!
The scores I received from the conference where I presented right after your class speak for themselves – I was rated “Best Presenter” at the entire conference! My scores were 2X higher than the #2 presenter! And a tough audience it was too!
I’ve attached an actual “before” presentation I did before I took your class and an “after” presentation directly after the class. The latest presentation that I crafted based on what I learned from your class was such a dramatic shift from our earlier presentations I thought you might want to see it. Every week now my boss and the folks we’re presenting to have commented on how much better our reports/presentations are!
I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to be coached by you – the teaching was simple, practical and very doable and has helped me immensely in terms of my interaction with peers, superiors and subordinates. Of all the courses I would say this one was the best because it is directly applicable in my area of work.
I now have 1000% confidence before a group. Over these days, I came actually to enjoy making the presentations. The instructors didn’t so much give formulas for presenting, but rather helped each participant to build his or her own distinctive presentation style, building upon individual strengths and characteristics. The mix of encouragement and corrective suggestions encouraged risk taking. The class was fun.
Many thanks most of all for the workshop I had the privilege to attend. Thanks to you I learned a lot. You are excellent teacher. You are really making big difference in people’s behavior. Your job is logistically difficult but it must be quite satisfying when you observe how people change for better, right in front of your eyes.
I wanted take a few moments to provide you a little feedback from this week. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your associates. The training you provide is very valuable helping people understand what it means to make a good presentation. It must be very rewarding watching people transform right before your eyes from shy and soft spoken to one who belt out a show tune with ease. The instant video feed back is pretty entertaining too!
I look forward to the next round of training opportunities, and I will definitely be on the roster.
I developed excellent presentation policies such as poise, clarity, enthusiasm, charisma, etc... I am anxious to try my new skills. An excellent class.
I tremendously enjoyed your workshop. I believe it was one of the most valuable training courses I had received here and this is because of your great insight into public speaking and your exceptional ability in teaching. I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you spent coaching me through my demo presentations.
By taking this course I have become more comfortable with people and I have CONFIDENCE. This class was like a breath of fresh air that I really needed. I feel better about who I am and what I am capable of doing. Thank you.
I feel like the program helped me significantly. I have done a significant amount of presenting in the past but have not previously been critiqued by professionals. A very worthwhile experience.
Effective Presentation does not stop with giving a speech. The skills learned over these days can be used in my day to day conversations with business associates. I feel l have more confidence with getting my goals or desires across and ways to show more interest in daily conversation. Of course the pointers on speech presentation were easily understood and could readily be applied. A very simple direct learning experience.
Discovery, awareness.... I am absolutely blown away with the workshop! Now, I realize that there are many opportunities, just waiting to be used, and I just didn’t know I had the abilities to use them. Thank you for the positive and the creative feedback you gave in this class. Not just for me, but for everyone. I believe each person walked out of today’s class with more than what they came with.
I learned how to involve an audience; how to build a relationship with the audience. I will be able to give better and more effective presentations now.