Transforming Your Presentation Skills

Do you want to learn how to be so compelling, so free of any stress or strain, so effortlessly effective that everyone is immediately drawn to you and your ideas when you present?   Do you want to present your ideas with real confidence?  Deliver your message so it is compelling?  To really stand out?  

That’s what you’ll have after this training. 

You will see a dramatic “before” and “after” transformation in your ability to communicate to groups.  You will learn how to get your audience fully on board.  You will get your ideas across so they are compelling. These skills will be useful in all your communications. 

What’s in a name?

This intensive workshop is one of the highest rated training experiences in the world.  Our clients gave it the name.   A couple of years ago we looked through all their workshop evaluations for the one word they most used to describe how they felt about this training experience.  The word was transformed.  Why do our students choose this particular word?  

 Expect your experience of presenting to be completely transformed

 Your presentations will achieve new heights of effectiveness.  When you present you’ll:

  1. Own the whole room
  2. Comfortably communicate and connect with many people at the same time
  3. Communicate with great clarity
  4. Be seen as a credible thought leader
  5. Showcase the best of your own unique natural style
  6. Compel respect
  7. Captivate your audience
  8. Move and inspire
  9. Make your audience “drop their guard” - let go of their resistance to your ideas
  10. Create lasting rapport between you and the audience
  11. Express yourself persuasively
  12. Be seen as compelling
  13. Eliminate anxiety and replace it with poise & steady self-confidence
  14. Effortlessly project your natural voice to make your presentation dynamic
  15. Fully engage your audience
  16. Be so persuasive, even a tough audience will be nodding and really with you
  17. Use your natural body language to enhance your presentation
  18. Create an impressive and memorable impression
  19. Gain solid buy-in
  20. Win their hearts and their minds
  21. Be seen as having charisma (No, we’re not kidding)

How do you learn all that?

You’ll make a presentation video at the beginning of the workshop and, as you do, we’ll assess you on 17 different points.  We’ll create a customized coaching program for you personally right on the spot.  No two people are alike, so your personal program will be designed just for you, to teach you ALL of the above points and bring out the AMAZING in you.

We’ve been doing this a long time and know how to bring out the best in you. 

How the transformation happens

During the training you’ll learn the eye-opening science behind exceptional presentations.  You’ll learn things you never knew that true professional presenters know and do that make them look like real pro's.  You’ll learn what amateur presenters typically do that real professionals would never do.  You’ll cross the threshold to looking like a real pro presenter.

You’ll practice new skills extensively.  As you practice the skills above you’ll be coached directly and real-time by the instructors.  You’ll also receive feedback from everyone in the workshop so you know exactly how you’re coming across to others and how to have a powerful impact on everyone, no matter who is in your audience. 

You’ll be coached on one point at a time until you can do it naturally and masterfully.  As you learn each new skill, you’ll continue to practice the earlier ones.  This way you gradually and steadily develop and strengthen all of these skills.  

You’ll also be videotaped.  Videotaping allows you to see each stage of your development throughout the training.   You’ll see exactly how you look to others as you learn powerful new skills.  Seeing it for yourself as you watch your own videos will give you certainty your communication is compelling and powerful.

Max size

To make sure you receive sufficient personal attention and coaching, the maximum size for a group workshop is 10 participants.  So expect a lot of personal attention.  

Expect a huge communication breakthrough for yourself

You’ll build on and make the most of your own unique personal style. You’ll learn the fundamental, time-honored principles which make great communicators extraordinary. You'll learn it's not just what you say, but how you say it. You'll learn how to go beyond the words and make your communication penetrating and meaningful.

There are natural laws that apply specifically to communicating to a group and these are different than the ones that govern one-on-one communication.  Learning these natural laws, combined with the personalized feedback, coaching and videotaping you’ll receive, will help you make dramatic breakthroughs in just 2 days (you’ll already see a huge difference even after the first day).

You’ll see it for yourself when you see your own dramatic “before” and “after” videos.  While people can be very critical of their first video, by the end of the workshop everyone is happily shocked by how great they look in their final video - they LOVE seeing themselves – they see they're more effective than they've ever been, they see themselves being natural, powerful and compelling.  We frequently have clients say, “I can’t believe it!  I was swept away watching myself”. 

And these skills will carry over into all your communications.

You’ll find this workshop to be very personalized, challenging, engaging and fun.  We consistently receive rave reviews from students, both during training and for years afterward.  You will LOVE this training.

State-of-the-art instructors and equipment

You'll work directly with 2 highly qualified, expert Effective Training Solutions instructors who are warm and extremely skilled at presenting and coaching. The quality of expert coaching you'll receive is beyond anything you've ever experienced.  They will help you practice and perfect your skills so by the end of the training, your communication will be extraordinary.  

We’ll also provide state-of- the-art, high definition camera and projection equipment for the videotaping and playback. 

Be a GREAT presenter

Get personal coaching on your presentation skills that will challenge you and help you break through anything that limits you.  We are ready to help you reach the top of your game and achieve an extraordinary level of communication ability.  This is the way to do it.

Sign up now.  We personally look forward to working with you.

We also deliver one-on-one coaching, on-site workshops and we have group discounts if that is of interest to you. 

What do our clients say about this training?

The workshop ‘Transforming Your Presentation Skills’ is AMAZING. I flew up to do it and IT WAS WORTH IT! If you have a chance to hear these lectures and do these tailored exercises, do whatever it takes — the trainers and the workshop are extraordinary!! The workshop was a real eye-opener. It’s like I’ve been walking all my life and the Trainers told me I could fly if I tried — and I did and I could!!”

“The scores I received from the conference where I presented right after your class speak for themselves – I was rated “Best Presenter” at the entire conference! My scores were 2X higher than the #2 presenter! And a tough audience it was too!”

“I’ve attached an actual “before” presentation I did before I took your class and an “after” presentation directly after the class. The latest presentation that I crafted based on what I learned from your class was such a dramatic shift from our earlier presentations I thought you might want to see it. Every week now my boss and the folks we’re presenting to have commented on how much better our reports/presentations are!”

“I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to be coached by you – the teaching was simple, practical and very doable and has helped me immensely in terms of my interaction with peers, superiors and subordinates. Of all the courses I would say this one was the best because it is directly applicable in my area of work.”

“I wanted take a few moments to provide you a little feedback from this week. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your associates. The training you provide is very valuable helping people understand what it means to make a good presentation. It must be very rewarding watching people transform right before your eyes from shy and soft spoken to one who belt out a show tune with ease. The instant video feed back is pretty entertaining too!

I look forward to the next round of training opportunities, and I will definitely be on the roster.”

“Many thanks most of all for the workshop I had the privilege to attend. Thanks to you I learned a lot. You are excellent teacher. You are really making big difference in people’s behavior. Your job is logistically difficult but it must be quite satisfying when you observe how people change for better, right in front of your eyes.”

“I tremendously enjoyed your workshop. I believe it was one of the most valuable training courses I had received here and this is because of your great insight into public speaking and your exceptional ability in teaching. I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you spent coaching me through my demo presentations.”

”I developed excellent presentation policies such as poise, clarity, enthusiasm, charisma, etc... I am anxious to try my new skills. An excellent class.”

”By taking this course I have become more comfortable with people and I have CONFIDENCE. This class was like a breath of fresh air that I really needed. I feel better about who I am and what I am capable of doing. Thank you.”

”Discovery, awareness.... I am absolutely blown away with the workshop! Now, I realize that there are many opportunities, just waiting to be used, and I just didn’t know I had the abilities to use them. Thank you for the positive and the creative feedback you gave in this class. Not just for me, but for everyone. I believe each person walked out of today’s class with more than what they came with.”

”I feel like the program helped me significantly. I have done a significant amount of presenting in the past but have not previously been critiqued by professionals. A very worthwhile experience.”

”I learned how to involve an audience; how to build a relationship with the audience. I will be able to give better and more effective presentations now.”

”Loved this class!!”

“I feel I gained tremendous confidence, control of nervousness, body control, eye contact, control the pace, slow down in my delivery, speak loudly but most of all, communicate to the audience instead of just speaking words. The instructor was extremely superb in controlling the class, very informative and went beyond his duties to provide information to the students. I greatly enjoyed it and would recommend this class to any one.”

”I have developed confidence and a comfort level and felt like I am really reaching the audience. I can definitely communicate better through a presentation what I need to present to a group. This program will definitely have a positive impact in the performance of my job. The method of training is very effective, evidenced by marked improved in only a matter of days.”

”Professionalism comes from confidence and certainty. I learned to project my message using volume and tone. The workshop gave me a safe place to practice and improve. Excellent workshop. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on the positive at each step of our learning.”

”The course really helped me with my presentation skills tremendously.”

”It is impressive the improvement that all participants made in such a short time.”

”I can talk and have people want to be there.”

”This class has given me the start of the necessary skills in presenting materials to a group of people. I have the presentation skills to `pull it off.’ I have totally enjoyed this class. It has allowed me to see myself and to improve on my presentation skills. Thank you. All of your staff are truly professional! Total enjoyment!”

”I have the ability to be who I am with others where I am delivering a presentation. Now that I have discovered more of myself the skills learned from this course will assist me in delivering my message effectively. Well, I am being too profound. I am excited to learn skills that can contribute so much to my abilities. Thank you.”

”The techniques that were taught in the class really helped to dispel the fear so the fear is not THE controlling factor. It’s much more fun to take a class that requires this kind of participation and the feedback among peers is invaluable. Now I realize that anyone can do good presentations with just a few tips. The class took a lot of mystery out of the techniques that make it happen! Everyone here needs this class - let’s have more! It was very refreshing to take a class without a lot of handouts and reading material. We usually don’t have time to read through it if it isn’t read or covered in the class anyway.”

”I now have 1000% confidence before a group. Over these days, I came actually to enjoy making the presentations. The instructors didn’t so much give formulas for presenting, but rather helped each participant to build his or her own distinctive presentation style, building upon individual strengths and characteristics. The mix of encouragement and corrective suggestions encouraged risk taking. The class was fun.”

”I have seen significant improvement in my presentations via the video tape. It was difficult, but well worth it.”

”Effective Presentation does not stop with giving a speech. The skills learned over these days can be used in my day to day conversations with business associates. I feel l have more confidence with getting my goals or desires across and ways to show more interest in daily conversation. Of course the pointers on speech presentation were easily understood and could readily be applied. A very simple direct learning experience.”

“The presentation that I crafted based on what I learned from your class was such a dramatic shift from our earlier presentations. Every week now my boss and the folks we’re presenting to have commented on how much better my presentations are!”

“Thank you for your follow up email. I tremendously enjoyed your workshop. I believe it was one of the most valuable training courses I had received and this is because of your great insight into public speaking and your exceptional ability in teaching. I use what I learned every day. I can not thank you enough for the time and effort you spent coaching me through my presentations.”

“The workshop made a huge impact in my life. The results that I am seeing are pretty remarkable. I can definitely engage with my audience more effectively and convey my message. Also, the workshop gave me the ability to be in tune with the audience.”

“Honestly, you did a fantastic job and without a doubt, you changed my life. I have never met anyone as committed and passionate towards communication as you are and that makes all the difference in the world. Witnessing the transformation of the entire group was priceless.”

“I made the same presentation to management last week that I made before attending your workshop. The presentation before the workshop failed to get approved. My most recent presentation was approved! The chair of the meeting even mentioned that I made a very good presentation. Not only do I use the skills you taught in the workshop for presentations, but also for any chance that I have to talk in public.”