Radical Instructional Design

You will learn how to design training that guarantees that your trainees achieve full on-the-job proficiency in half the time.  You will be able to tie your training to stellar financial ROI for your company.

What clients say:

This has been one of the most, if not the most, challenging workshops I have ever taken. And at the same time, it has been one of the most rewarding! I have found that I am not only changing the way I am designing a course, but my very thought processes as I do so have changed as well. I am evaluating procedures differently. I am looking closely at language and steps to be sure there will be no barriers to learning. All of this will hugely benefit the customers because they will come out of our courses ready to be productive and willing to adopt full use of our system – two items we have struggled with in the past. I am so excited about using this method with my other courses. Work is fun again!”
In a word: Wow! I can say with certainty that it was worth the time it took to make this happen and to be here. I am beyond impressed with what I learned, how engaging this was (to the point where all of us had to be told to take a break – when does that ever happen in training?), and how much all of us (many of whom have been in this profession a long time) did not know about learning. Quite a revelation to say the least. And one we will absolutely return home and put to good use. My only ‘regret’ (if you could call it that) is that I didn’t learn this years ago as I can only dream of how different outcomes could have been in projects I was involved with. But better late than never! Thanks!!!”