What does "Causative" mean for you?

Causative [kaw’-zuh-tiv], adjective:  Making what you want HAPPEN.  Being able to cause your intended effect or outcome at will. 

Causative Communication®

This is not a persuasion technique, a trick, a gimmick, a bunch of tips, nor a new way to give a sales talk, win a debate, or manipulate.

It’s a HIGH level skill of being able to make what you want happen because you can make pure and profound communication happen anytime, anywhere.  Whether you're 1-on-1, in a meeting, or negotiation, in your professional and your personal life.  Very often it turns out BETTER than you could possibly have imagined.

We know it works because we’re swimming in client success stories.  They got the promotion, conflict evaporated, the other person changed completely, their vision is spreading throughout the organization, they closed the $400 million deal, and their teenager’s talking to them. 

Most people live their entire lives with this power lying dormant inside of them.  You don’t have to be one of them.

It’s for people who are serious about achievement. 

we're not taught these vital skills

This is a SKILL SET that can be learned, and should be learned, all the way up to the top of the organization.  

Not just learned, but sharpened, honed, elevated and polished to an extremely stellar level.  

To a level where you can transform any situation to create the new realities you want.  

To a level where it looks like magic to everyone watching.  

We’re not taught these skills in the course of our education, so we need to learn them as adults. 

This skill set isn't something you're going to learn from trial & error, reading a book, watching videos or analyzing what other people are doing.  Frankly, most people never acquire these abilities.  

That's what makes this workshop special.

What you get in causative communication live!

  1. Presence.

  2. You'll stop all your "mental noise" so you're calm and in the moment. Your mind will stop ping-ponging all over the place.  You'll have focus.  As a result, people around you will find their own "noise" calms down and vaporizes.  It gets calm and focused whenever you walk in the room.  People notice this.  You can evaluate how much "mental noise" there is in your world just by taking a moment as you read this to notice how much of it there is for you right now.  You'll experience tremendous relief when the "noise" is gone.

  3. You'll communicate with a superior level of intention.  Intention is not effort, it’s not putting energy into it, it's not trying hard.  Intention is SENIOR to effort. It commands attention and understanding. This level of communication penetrates, inspires, makes things happen. It is true leadership level communication. Intention is a core concept in Causative Communication, a vital skill for making what you want HAPPEN.

  4. The ability to fully focus on and totally tune in to the other person.  As someone wrote after his boss did this training:  “I love him! I get 100% of his focus. I feel fantastic talking to him. He’s not rushed. I feel like an eternity has gone by, I hang up the phone and realize it was a 12 minute conversation. That kind of impact in 12 minutes! WOW!”

  5. Every amazing outcome is built on the foundation of a deep human connection.  Despite what you’ve been told, you can build this connection in a matter of minutes with anyone if you know how.  You'll know how.  When you do this, trust grows rapidly. Trust is the basis of the real, solid cooperation you’ll need.

  6. You'll communicate with complete clarity.  

  7. True listening.  All thinking gets in the way of listening.  When you're really listening, you're not thinking - you're listening.  It takes work to develop the ability to truly listen.  Most people hear a little, think they heard it all and have an urge to interrupt.  Most people, when they first start on the exercise where you learn how to really listen, don't make it to the 30 second mark.  Even less if their buttons are getting pushed.  You'll practice until you can do it without limit.  Being an extraordinary listener is one of the most valued traits in the WORLD, especially in leaders.  You'll listen at a high level of skill people will notice.

  8. The ability to make conflict and resistance evaporate.

  9. The ability to achieve perfect understanding.  This is rather profound.  It enables you to avoid countless pointless misunderstandings and disagreements.  It enables REAL action, REAL progress, REAL breakthroughs.

  10. The ability to make any conversation, meeting, negotiation, outcome MUTUALLY deeply satisfying.

It works

We've helped thousands of people.  We've worked with every profession, every level from individual contributors to engineers to sales to CEO's.  We've helped with every goal you can imagine, seen just about every situation and problem.  We know what we're doing.  

Why are we so passionate?  The skills work every day in our own lives.  We get emails every single day from clients telling us their successes and we read about a number of them in the Wall Street Journal.  When you see as much success as we do, you get pretty excited about going to work each day.


Your ability to be causative DEFINES your professional and personal life, your career, your wealth and your happiness.  Lack of it limits you.  Having this ability gives you exhilarating freedom and success.

Causative Communication is the most important ability you can develop.  It's the foundation for every conversation you have, every meeting, every negotiation, every relationship, every outcome … every time you want something.

The fastest way to get there

You want to respond to life's situations with the speed and accuracy of a Samurai.

Our 3-day Causative Communication Live! workshop is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to gain this COMPLETE communication skill set - and be good at it in only a matter of days.  

You just need to SHOW UP and we'll take you through a proven step-by-step personal and professional development process that will get you there.  

Doing this workshop is a whole lot easier than getting beat up by life and trying to figure it out yourself.  

what to expect

The workshop is a combination of:

  1. Eye-opening data about what it really takes to be causative and create amazing relationships and outcomes in any situation.  We have clients who have attended many programs, including expensive executive level courses - "Eye opening" is the most frequent term they use to describe the data we show them.  They all tell us they learned things here they've NEVER seen anywhere else.  
  2. Intensive, expert coaching while you practice and master these skills.  The amount of practice you'll experience truly is beyond anything you've experienced before. These are not skills that can be polished without real practice.  The precision coaching you will receive will surprise you.  It will enable you to achieve mastery while being 100% true to yourself.  
  3. Videotaping is not only an extremely effective coaching tool, seeing your transformation in your "before" and "after" videos will blow you away.  You'll have solid confidence you can execute on these skills.  This ensures that after you leave you'll be able to create what we at ETS call "miracles as usual".

You'll find this training to be very personalized, challenging, engaging and fun.

You'll leave this workshop with abilities you never even knew existed.  The impact on your career, and very possibly your personal life, will be extraordinary.

Click here to find out more about our coaching method.


Imagine what will happen in your life after you master Causative Communication.  Imagine transforming any situation at will.  Imagine having that skill set for the rest of your life. What you just imagined can become reality in 3 days.  We can help you get there.

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3-day Workshop

  • Group sessions are $22,497 for up to 10 participants.  Travel fee may apply.
  • Open Enrollment session at our San Francisco Bay Area Training Center is $2,979/person.
  • If you are interested in Premier 1-on-1 Coaching on this topic, contact us!

a few client comments:

“I stand out in a crowd of people. You know, if there is a gathering of 100 executives, I stand out because of these skills. This is such a rare trait for anyone to have.” 

"I can create magic on demand.  This training is a must for everyone who wants to raise their game and desires to be an effective communicator.  This is the best training I have ever taken hands down.  I have the tools and knowledge to be an effective leader, coach and communicator.  I feel like I see the world with clarity and wish I could have taken the course earlier in my career.  Strongly recommend that everyone take this course.”

“I am convinced that the skills I learned in your class have been the biggest factors in changing the trajectory of my careerThe last 2 years since the workshop have been truly incredible.  It is heady stuff and very exciting.  Thank you again for equipping me to take advantage of these opportunities.  I am immeasurably grateful for these skills.  They work in all situations, both at work and at home.” 

“I progressed more in 2 days than I did in my 17 year professional career.”

“I just finished an afternoon of tough negotiations and finally at 5pm, they signed the contract. I cannot describe the joy I felt.  At the risk of downplaying the tremendous hard work of my team, I feel safe in sharing with you my belief that I was amazing throughout the day.  Everyone looked at me for guiding the conversation and everyone trusted me. I was honest, I was empathetic, I was determined, I was focused on a win-win.  And that is what we got.”

“Since the training, I experience the power of FULLY connecting with another human being and it has created the most magical experiences at work and in my personal life.” 

I am in control of all conversations or interactions. Others say that I influence effectively through my communication style. This training has made me capable of handling any communication with anyone to get the outcome I want.” – K.M.

“What used to take me 30 minutes to convince someone is now taking me 3.” – S.T.

“Most outstanding and revealing workshop.  I was thrilled with myself by the end of it.” – S.C.

"Very rarely do you go to workshops or trainings and come out feeling as I did, so exhilarated and full of energy.  I was able to use what you taught in customer meetings I have been in yesterday and today.  It was fantastic.  I saw people open up so much and share so much information that it was fantastic!"

When people experience this level of communication talking to me, I can see it in their eyes: they find my level of communication AMAZING. It IS amazing!
There has been a sudden increase in people recognizing what I bring to the table.
I used to get frustrated because no one was listening and now my boss’ boss is coming to me for my opinion.
I’m presenting the same ideas, but the conversation is going completely differently.
Thank you for being a shining beacon of stellar communication in a world of compressed dialogue.
By being able to connect with anyone, I can consciously create magic on demand and I am an effective leader, coach and communicator.
I’m measuring my results by how people respond. It’s amazing how they’re responding to me now. I’ve never gotten such a positive response. And there’s no objection I don’t easily handle now.
I am now a true force for positive change.
I’ve regained control of my career.
I got both a raise and a promotion since the workshop!
My children are now helping at home in ways I never dreamed possible.
At first I thought everyone else changed (I even thought my organization’s whole culture had changed) but then I realized I changed … and I am amazed at how people are responding to me now!
I have gained respect and rapport I never knew was possible.
I am no longer intimidated by anyone.
Used all the skills in an interview on Tuesday, received a job offer on Friday, Monday sitting in a new desk!
I gained a stronger sense of self.
I command the meeting whenever I am presenting or participating in a discussion. A very frequent comment I receive is, ‘When you talk, people listen, no matter what!
My teenager is talking to me … even better, he is listening to me!
I am still in awe by the amount of change before I left. You taught me the concepts, the why, the how, in a beautiful way that it all soaked in naturally.”
I have increased my ability to direct a conversation. This has already begun to increase my success in dealing with clients and in managing my staff. This course is a must-do for anyone who deals with people.”

Register Now!


3-day Workshop

  • Group sessions are $22,497 for up to 10 participants.  Travel fee may apply.
  • Open Enrollment session at our San Francisco Bay Area Training Center is $2,957/person.
  • If you are interested in Premier 1-on-1 Coaching on this topic, contact us!