One-on-One Virtual Coaching

If you’re interested in becoming a more powerful communicator, but travel to our location in California is not an option, you can achieve your goals through our personalized coaching via videoconference using WebEx.

We will transform your ability to communicate, influence, persuade, make conflict evaporate and build really great relationships.

This coaching will be completely customized to you.  You will receive recordings of your coaching videos so you can see the transformation in your abilities.


  1. You’ll fill out a detailed application regarding your goals.

  2. Coaching Session #1:  2 hours

  3. Homework assignment:  Applying new skills to your life

  4. Coaching Session #2:  2 hours

  5. Homework assignment:  Applying new skills to your life

  6. Coaching Session #3:  1 hour

  7. Homework assignment:  Taking it to the next level


$4,775 for above package.  Purchased separately, each 2-hour coaching session is $1,995.

Client Success Stories

This coaching has been immensely valuable.  I have gained an executive presence I never thought I’d have.
You helped me make it over the finish line and get to VP.  You helped me identify and master what I was missing and once I had that in place, it happened fast.
WOW! Words cannot express how impactful it was working with you. I almost needed to hold back tears of joy because of how transformative it was. You were an absolute delight to spend (virtual) time with. I was so eager to learn because I quickly realized you were an amazing teacher. I could go on and on but I suppose I will just end with my sincerest gratitude. You are AMAZING!!!
I am now able to influence ALL levels of my organization.  Whew!  As a result, we are FINALLY moving the project I’ve been pushing forward!  My 4 levels of management all the way up to our C-Suite are now fully aligned!  I’d been pushing on this unsuccessfully for over a month and after your coaching it all happened in a couple of days.