Meet Our Team


Janet Hanson, Lead Trainer

Every student, every class is a wonderful adventure into the minds and lives of our clients.  It’s like traveling in beautiful foreign countries.   I learn something profound from each individual.  I am constantly reminded of, and heartened by, the basic goodness of people.  It’s such a deep pleasure to help each of them discover the simple truths about communication, and see and hear the immediate changes in their lives. What could be better?

Robin Lewis, Trainer

What thrills me each time is working with people I call "The Able". Our programs attract these kind of people.  I like concentrating on them because they’re improving this world and the ripple effects can be so huge.   It's such a joy to watch them have huge realizations as they learn the truth about communication for the first time.  The transformation in their abilities that occurs in just a matter of days never ceases to amaze me.  They move from being “the effect of the situations in their lives” to being causative.  Their awareness skyrockets and they know it.  They see how it applies to every facet of their lives.  It's simply joy for me! 



Teno cipri, trainer

It’s wonderful to work with so much diversity!  I love the opportunity to get to know so many people from so many cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds and to see the transformation in each individual as we coach them.  It’s wonderful to give individuals the gift of authentic communication and then see and hear the many ways it affects their lives. There is absolutely nothing better than helping people who have positive a positive influence in their work and personal lives.

david wood, Trainer

I love what I do.  I love seeing the changes throughout the workshops:  their lives opening up, the increase in affinity they have for others, the realization of what intention really is and knowing  they can use it at will to make what they want happen, the blossoming of the formerly timid,  and the increased power that I see in each of them due to their increased ability and understanding.  If I had to sum it up in one word, I think I would say, "Presence".


Sally RTP.jpg

Sally baggett, Trainer

I get to work with these very smart, professional people who want to take their communications skills up to the next level. They really appreciate the scientific aspect of the communications formula and see how it works. I have literally seen the light bulb click on with every student at some point during the training. It’s so personally rewarding. They tell me how the course has helped them in their personal life as well as professionally. I go home afterwards and feel so fortunate to have shared these experiences.

Anna munkres, Training coordinator & trainer


I love working at ETS for many reasons.  But the MAIN reason is the staff.  It’s one of our greatest strengths, the power to work together and help each other and have FUN while we do it.  It really is a joy to work with every staff member and I love them all.  I come to this job, to this space because I love my team.  I’m spoiled because I work with these people every day.  I work to ensure our workshops go smoothly up to the point where the Trainers step in.  When I get to work with clients myself I get to see what we work toward in real life.  I see a person who wants to improve, they are accomplished and aware but want to grow, and when I see they realize they can do that they are elated.  They realize that they can accomplish what they want, and we see them do that, all the time, every day. 


Betsy Fine, executive assistant & communications manager

In my role, I mostly interact with clients before or during their workshops, but my absolute favorite is hearing from them after. I love hearing our clients tell us their wins like the new promotion they got, warm stories about building relationships with their kids or even just saying how much more confidence they have after taking our workshops. It's like watching gardens of flowers bloom.

Crystal Bender, Finance & marketing

Crystal 2.JPG

Working at ETS is life enriching.  It’s a special team.  Somehow we gravitated together, we have a common goal, a common purpose.  We’re lucky we found each other.  Why I love working here is a combination of things.  The element of fun and growth runs within our team and also with our clients.  When I first started here in 2003 it opened my eyes that anything…really ANYTHING could be studied and learned and successfully applied.  I didn’t have that concept or gift before.  You can never have a bad day with the wins that flow in.  After their classes, it's like we see the most capable, best version of themselves and they see it to for the first time too.. it's incredible to watch. I want everyone on the planet to have this opportunity – it’s life changing to have this skill/outlook to be able to follow your own purpose.  Going through the training myself and working side by side with Ingrid and the team, changed my whole view on communication.  Working with everyone on staff is truly a dream come true for me– to find likeminded, causative people with such a high degree of love, help and support for each other and for other people is a dream come true.  I love our team more than words can express and will be there for any of them in a heartbeat.  Seeing our clients change and become causative is one of my greatest joys.  From my position I work with our clients to help them register and take care of the finances.  Then I get to see and hear their wins after, and I get to work with them when they re-sign-up again.  Their ability to communicate is “night to day” in a lot of cases and it just doesn’t get old to watch!  It is incredible!  Helping support this cause of making more causative people and a better world we can all live in is my ultimate goal.  I could say lots more on this but this is already too long! I am thankful to work here.  Thank you all for creating this amazing, almost unthinkable, incredible space.  I love this group and what we do so much.