Causative Communication®

Ingrid Gudenas, CEO, Effective Training Solutions

Ingrid Gudenas, CEO, Effective Training Solutions

Causative [kaw’-zuh-tiv], adjective:  Making what you want HAPPEN.  Being able to cause your intended effect or outcome at will. 

Causative Communication is not a persuasion technique, a trick, a gimmick, a bunch of tips, nor a new way to give a sales talk, win a debate, or manipulate.

It’s a HIGH level skill of being able to make what you want happen because you can make pure and profound communication happen.  

Anytime, anywhere.  Whether you are 1-on-1, in a meeting, negotiation or presenting to a group.

If you're serious about your goals, our workshops and coaching will give you the tools and skills to achieve them.

We know they work because we’re swimming in client success stories.  They got the promotion, conflict evaporated, the other person changed completely, their vision is spreading throughout the organization, they closed the $400 million deal, they are enthralling audiences, receiving standing ovations and their teenager’s talking to them. 

Most people live their entire lives with this power lying dormant inside of them.  You don’t have to be one of them.

The power to transform any situation or any person begins with your ability to assume the cause role in your communications. 

 Be the cause!