The Most Efficient and Effective Way to Become a World-Class Communicator

Your 2-3 Day Investment Will Return a LIFETIME of Difference

NOTE: Our unique approach to coaching is used in our workshops and also our Premier 1-on-1 Coaching.

He walked into a meeting where no one was on board. Within an hour, they completely changed their position. Words cannot describe the joy he felt.  Everyone was relieved.  Frustration evaporated.  He said, “What used to take me 30 minutes to persuade someone is now taking 3.”

She was brought to tears watching her final coaching video.  What she saw blew her away.  Her eyes were sparkling, she was completely comfortable, completely in the moment, dignified, worthy, she made a strong powerful connection, she wasn't forceful but her intention was penetrating, she was loaded with warmth and affinity and she was compelling. You would have followed her in a heartbeat. She was beautiful and powerful.  She said, “I had no idea I could ever look like that.”   When she took these skills out into her professional and personal life, she transformed the world around her.

He walked on stage with executive presence.  His presence alone calmed everyone.  He had an air of dignity.  When he spoke, he only had to say it once, everyone listened.  He wasn’t an executive, far from it.  He was an individual contributor.  But the power of his communication had the impact  of a leader.  If you had seen him before the coaching, you wouldn’t have recognized the same person. 

WHAT MADE THE DIFFERENCE? What created such rapid and profound transformation? Let us explain…


Most coaching is a lot of discussion.

While that’s valuable, it’s only about 20% of what you need.

The other 80% of the recipe is something that feels much more like elite sports coaching.  

Most people have never been coached this way, at least not outside of sports.  Anyone who’s had a GREAT sports coach who enabled them to achieve a personal best has experienced it.

This type of coaching creates real-time growth that everyone notices.  

Action, direction, growth, action, direction growth. That’s the process. That’s what we do.  In a concentrated period of time so you get fast results.


Our coaching has one purpose:  It’s designed to enable you to become a Causative Communicator® so you can transform your world to be the way you wish.

To be causative means making what you want HAPPEN.  Being able to cause your intended effect or outcome at will. 

You’ll tell us your goals, your dreams, your challenges, your difficult situations, your ambitions.  Our job is to have you walk out with the skills to achieve them.


We’ll put you in situations specifically tailored to your goals.  These situations TEST your skills by challenging you in realistic ways that REQUIRE you to use superior level skills to achieve the outcomes you’re going for.

As we observe how you manage these situations, we ASSESS your current skill level.

There are approximately 23 skills needed for outrageously great communication whether you’re 1-on-1, in meetings, negotiations, leading, persuading, making sales, networking or building relationships.  And an additional 17 are needed for hitting it out of the park when you’re giving presentations or talking to groups. 

Most people (even successful ones) have no more than 25% of these skills.

We’ll assess where you are (which skills you have, which are weak, which are missing) and where you could be if you were at your FULL potential. 

Because of our 30-year track record we’ll have high expectations for what you're capable of with the right skills. Like a great sports coach, we set the bar high for you.


We help you develop the exact skills you need, one at a time. We start with the most fundamental and foundational skills to give you an unshakable rock-solid foundation. 

Our “every step is mastery” approach means you practice the 1st skill and MASTER it before you start practicing the 2nd. While you're practicing the 2nd skill, you'll be doing it in combination with the 1st one, and so on through ALL the skills you need to be truly amazing. We start with simple skills and progressively work with you until you've mastered complex skills.

We systematically ensure your confidence is rock-solid each step of the way.

How you’ll be coached

You practice A LOT.  We coach you the whole time you’re practicing, EXACTLY the way a great sports coach would coach you.  If you’ve ever seen a great sports coach in action, you know this kind of coaching is ACTIVE and DIRECT. 

It’s encouraging, demanding, motivating, unwavering about your ability to be amazing, gives you courage and helps you push past all your limits to set new records of your personal best. 

It brings out the amazing that is already inside you.

This kind of coaching develops greater mental discipline and character because it immerses you in a direct experience of MASTERY over and over again.

You’re in action with the coach telling you, “Do more of this … Try this…  Intensify this ….Good!  Now you’ve got it!  Now do it 10 times perfectly in a variety of scenarios.” 

We have you practice again and again, taking it higher and higher, getting stronger each time, until you perfect each skill.  Then you combine all the skills in a sequence of complex mastery.  You want to respond to life's spontaneous and situations with the speed and accuracy of a Jedi.

These practice sessions are called “drills” and their purpose is to enable you to develop incredible speed while thinking on your feet, to hone your accuracy and precision in all situations, just like an athlete.

A great coach knows you CAN do it and gets you there, even beyond your own expectations of yourself.  We believe you’re capable of persuading people in less than 5 minutes.  We believe you can create trust, loyalty, commitment in one meeting.  We believe you can inspire people to act in extraordinary ways.  We believe you're capable of great leadership.  We believe you can defuse conflict and make resistance evaporate. We believe you can have an audience on the edge of their seats completely captivated by your ideas.  We know you’re capable of powerful executive presence. 

It helps that we expect much of you.  It brings out the best in you.  It helps you get there.  


We video you at the beginning, throughout your coaching, and at the end. The first video allows you to understand our initial assessment of your skills because you can see what we see. 

The videos throughout your coaching allow you to better understand the feedback we're giving you.  It's important that you see it for yourself.  Video enables you to see those areas you need to strengthen with great clarity.  

Seeing them for yourself helps you guide yourself to tremendous personal breakthroughs during your intensive practice sessions.

You also see for yourself the amazing difference each skill you gain makes in your ability to connect and create transformation.  

The final video only happens when you have perfected all the skills and are hitting it out of the park.  We’ll make sure you’ve made it all the way before we start your final video. 

This final video allows you to see the dramatic difference between the skill level you walked in with and the one you're walking out with.  You see you've developed superior skills in a VERY short period of time, especially when you compare your first and last videos.  Our clients are BLOWN AWAY watching their final videos.  It’s not unusual for them to hate their first video and be absolutely THRILLED with their final one.

You will experience a transformation. This is our promise to you.

After your workshop or coaching sessions, you'll keep these videos and you’ll be able to refer to them as visual reminders of how to execute each of the skills. 

You’ll Discover You’ve been COMMUNICATING at 10% of your CAPACITY

Our students are often surprised how far we take them.

One of our clients is in sales.  This coaching helped him make his $1 billion sales quota. The comment he made was,

“What’s amazing about your coaching is that you take all of us the last mile on every single point. And it’s that last mile that really makes us remarkable and gives us the skills we need to create magic on demand.” 

We couldn't agree with him more. We’re not satisfied until we see every student accomplish that.

This kind of coaching is the difference between coaching someone to improve their ice skating and coaching someone whose figure skating wins the Olympic gold.


There are definite “core skills” that we teach as part of our programs, but how they apply to you is completely unique - just as you are unique.  Your uniqueness gets expressed as what the world calls style.

We never coach on style. We don't believe it's possible. We don't believe style can be taught or, worse, imitated.

We believe style comes from within and is an expression of who you really are at the core.

Most people we coach have not yet discovered their style. Many come to us saying, “I'm an introvert.”  “Introvert” is not a style.  “Too direct” is not a style.  “Like an engineer” is not a style.  Most of the labels people tell us they've been given are a far cry from a style.

Style makes you different from, not like, other people.

Your style is what gives you flair, it’s what attracts people to you like a magnet and holds them captivated and in rapport with you.

Style tends to get buried deep and needs to re-awaken. Our coaching re-awakens your true style.  The admiration you'll receive when your trapped style is released is extraordinary.  We’ll help you discover yours, release it, express it, win the world with it.


The skills we teach help you at the core. They’re not tricks or gimmicks.  We use the word core deliberately.  You cannot gimmick your way into an outstanding relationship, a profound impact, loyalty or a lasting agreement.  You cannot gimmick your way into a transformation.


We’ve dedicated our lives to becoming the best so we could help you experience the complete liberation of not only your style, but to experience the magic that happens when you do the work and master very profound communication and presentation skills.  

Most people comment, “This is a very safe space.”  Yes, it is.  We know how to create one for you.

You’ll have a good time and you’ll laugh a lot.  You'll love your coach. We absolutely love this work, we love our clients, we have a great sense of humor, we laugh a lot and we know how to keep it interesting, encouraging, inspiring, rewarding and fun for you all the way.

what some of our clients say

“My talk after the workshop was amazing, and I’m going to be completely immodest here.  It was the talk of the conference. It actually started a Twitter storm saying it was the best.  I could hardly move the next couple of days because people stopped me every few steps to praise the talk, ask questions, ask for follow-up.”

 “Last Friday I had the opportunity to present with our senior leadership team.  I delivered the presentation with intention, affinity and poise and felt calm and confident.  The entire room was in complete silence and so engaged during the entire hour that you could practically feel the energy from their eyes and minds.  If you have ever sat in one of these meetings, you know how unusual that is.  Normally it is a multi-tasking fest!  The feedback I received afterwards was overwhelming.  They could not have been more complimentary… I was told it was the best presentation they had ever heard … I was complimented for being eloquent and passionate… Your coaching really was a wonderful experience and I could not have done it without your guidance and confidence in me.  I look forward to many more successes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“I just had the BEST meeting.  It could have been a very difficult conversation.  I got everything I wanted.  We hit a few snags, and I kept remembering not to compromise, just kept using intention (not force).  I made my intention so clear.  I felt a ton of affinity and acknowledged everything they said.  It created so much willingness, it just flowed.  It was like magic.  I now have even more compassion for them.  I couldn’t be happier. I have so much relief.  Thank you for the workshop – I really needed the Communication Formula you teach.  This situation took work.  With the coaching it was like getting a complex math formula right, on an Einstein level!”

 “We’ve sent a lot of people from our organization to you for coaching.  Almost every person who learned these skills shifted higher into the ‘high potential – high achiever’ quadrant of performance reviews, which resulted in a bigger bonus and many within that pool of people, got promoted to the next level.   How I know this is because I administratively process the bonuses and I noticed there was a correlation between those who received your coaching and their financial bonuses – they achieved greater success than those who didn’t.  It’s remarkable how your coaching helps people transform their skills to the ‘next’ level.”

I’ve been given so many compliments lately that I might need to go up in hat size if I take them to heart – but again, I thank you for laying the foundation for me that has made this crazy ride possible!”

“Thank you for the coaching.  I’ve had so many wins and everything is going right.  Now I am heading to Boston to visit my mom and sibs for the weekend with my mojo back.  I feel like the calm in a storm.”

“I have some good news that I want to share it with you, since you set me off in this direction and you have continued to have such a special influence on my life.  I took on another promotion as part of that transition you helped prepare me for.  I am now leading a wonderful team.  Best of all, I feel invigorated when I go into the office because I can tell that I am making a difference to lots of people, and that influence keeps growing.

"This coaching on my communication has shown me how important communication is and why I was getting lesser results than I wanted.  From this coaching I have methods which put me in control of the communication, so that I can gain cooperation and understanding from other people.  This enabled me to make it to CEO and be a successful leader.  You have made a significant contribution to my life.  Finally, a course which will last long after the instructor leaves.  Thank you for your help."