Learning How to Learn:  The Hidden Barriers to Understanding and How to Remove Them

Employees today are expected to master an incredible quantity of technical information and new skills.  Hence, we see on-the-job “learning curves” that are more prolonged than they need to be, as well as new employee errors that are unexpected and frustrating.  In a rapid high-tech environment, this is costly.  This training gives employees the tools and skills that will enable them to get really good at their jobs much faster and to a higher level of quality.  Given that most people (including you) are mostly self-taught, this workshop enables people to accelerate their learning and extract much more meaning from it.

What clients say: 

This program helped us achieve world class quality.”
— Director of Operations
When employees are trained on how to learn so that they are able to fully understand, this creates self-reliance and increases employee morale.”
— Operations Manager
This is especially good with new people. It gives them the feeling we are investing in them, and we want them to do well. It really gives them peace of mind that they can settle down into learning the job.”
— Training Manager
It is a life changing class.”
— VP Manufacturing and IT
I gained a wealth of information on how to be a better leader, manager, teacher and student. I loved the information, presentation of information and that so many were able to experience it in the company. I am so happy the whole senior management team was able to do it too.”
— President
Wonderful concepts that are outside the ‘traditional’ instructional design models. I learned how to reduce/eliminate barriers to understanding and building better judgment. Great day!”
— Sales and Marketing Development Manager
I’m very excited about enhancing our learning materials so that my team has full understanding of our processes, and so that I can be a better coach. Being able to recognize when people have a disconnect in learning will help to reduce frustration for all; allow us to correct behavior and understanding, and ultimately make us more productive and happier. I very much enjoyed the course. You are all fantastic, patient and effective.”
— Marketing Manager
I gained insight, understanding, confidence, skill, judgment, 100% Proficiency! Impressively satisfactory on professional and personal levels. Thank you!”
— Training Specialist


I feel like a gladiator of learning.”

“This opened me to a whole new world of learning.”

“This has defined the reason for lack of understanding while learning throughout my lifetime.”

“Game-Changing Learning Skills makes me understand and gives me the ability to use what I learned here and use it well.”

“It amazed me that something that should be second nature to us, can be neglected or taken for granted. I learned a great deal plus I’m sure I will be a better employee because of what I’ve learned.”

“Insightful and meaningful information given in a comfortable, amazing plus enlightening format that made the workshop most interesting.”

“It has become evident to me that this workshop has empowered me with a life-long skill.”

“By opening my mind, taking my time, and reading every line, the world is mine.”

“I can definitely see myself using these concepts to make myself a more valuable and proficient employee, as well as at home as a parent. Easily the most relevant and useful training I’ve experience at this company in my time here.”

“I felt this workshop was beneficial to helping understand why people may have issues with learning work areas and following process instructions.”

“I think the workshop opened my mind on how I understand and communicate with others. The workshop also gave me more hope on learning new things.”