Communicate & Present Successfully When You’re Not in Person

Do you spend a lot of your working life in “virtual meetings”?  

Do you have to develop strong relationships with people miles away?  Do you have to build understanding, trust, cooperation and respect with people you can’t see?  Do you want to make your virtual presentations so engaging your audience doesn’t even think about multi-tasking?  Whether you're a team player or a team leader, these skills are vital!

Learn how to really shine in your virtual meetings!

During this engaging and interactive instructor-led training, you’ll dramatically transform your virtual communication and presentation skills. You’ll practice giving actual virtual presentations as we coach you.  We’ll be video recording you so you can see the dramatic improvements you make throughout the workshop.  And we’ll coach you until you are amazing.  People are literally blown away when they watch their final recordings.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Capture and keep everyone’s full attention

  • Make an authentic deep connection with your virtual audience (whether it’s 3 or 300)

  • Communicate with great clarity

  • Express your ideas in a confident, professional and convincing manner

  • Fully engage everyone on the call

  • Build trust and strong relationships

  • Communicate with confidence and poise when you turn your camera on

  • Get your message across so it’s compelling

  • Influence others and gain strong buy-in and cooperation for your ideas

Relevant to all live meeting situations

These skills are perfect for all virtual communications:  presentations, meetings, job interviews – anything you do virtually.

We recently had a client email that he rocked it during a major presentation – it was a touchy situation involving a high level customer and senior executives.  The feedback he received was overwhelmingly positive.  And he said that even though this was their first interaction with that customer, he created a very powerful connection … it felt like they were all sitting together in the same office having a wonderful warm conversation.  Trust was built.

Another client emailed that he was offered a fabulous new job during a virtual job interview because he made such a strong connection with the interviewing boss!

Rocket your career now!

Your communication skills during live meetings are critical for your career.  If virtual meetings are how the world sees you, this is a perfect opportunity to perfect these skills and see the amazing results that happen when you do.  You’ll see immediate results and feel on top of the world!


Clients are raving about the results!

This will transform completely the way that I do business and my career. The complete transformation in my presentation and the way I spoke to the audience, delivered the information and brought life into a dull meeting is so exciting. This class should absolutely be a requirement for all business professionals in our organization. Thank you so much for giving me confidence in my virtual presentation skills and helping improve my career. – A.W.
I thought it was wonderful. I felt like I was able to really shine through naturally with my communication over the virtual meeting. I will definitely be applying what I learned in class in life and at work. Thank you for such a fun and productive workshop! - S.J.
Fantastic investment in time and resources. I learned many valuable skills that will help me in a lot of my presentations. Having recorded videos showing before and after helps me understand how to put the skills I learned into practice. - M.D.
Simply transforming! This course transformed my virtual presentation skills to be very effective. Learnt a lot about owning the space, talking to one person in a group, connect, develop affinity, practice paced communication. I have the ability to keep up intention and vitality - very critical. Thank you for a great course. - M.R.
Great class. I learned a ton about how to be a more effective presenter. These lessons will help me drive more business and close more deals. Thank you. - P.M.
Very focused, well put together and really helped me get comfortable with presenting on camera/WebEx. – M.B.
Surprising. I knew I had high expectations coming in but I didn’t expect to be transformed in the ways and manners we were. I especially liked that we were going after the root cause of the issues limiting us from achieving more successful deliveries. Thank you for a job well done. Also liked that you made us feel welcome and open to feedback. The way you delivered it was important. - J.K
Excellent. As always with classes by Effective Training Solutions, I just felt so empowered by this session. I learned skills but more importantly I learned about myself. Consider me transformed. J - R.R.
I found the workshop to be very productive. I am leaving here after full days of training with some very valuable skills that I will use for the rest of my career. - R.R.
Very informative. Identified root cause and allowed me to build a skill I’ve never been coached on. You truly are an amazing teacher. Thank you for inspiring confidence and bringing out a professional side of me I didn’t know. I will always remember the poise and beauty of the space you hold and am inspired to continue applying the skills I’ve learned today. - E.L.
Loved it! As with the other presentation course, the key concepts taught were easy to apply. - C.K.
Great time! Love the material and love the coaching feedback. - S.L.
Great guidance and tips from the trainers. Made great improvements to my skill-set. I especially liked the hands-on practices for presenting. The constant coaching helped to reinforce the ideas and tips/best practices presented. - D.C.
Great! We learned really usable methods for engaging an audience via WebEx. It really is important to look into the camera and to be yourself. We have such a culture of ‘presentation mode’ and it is refreshing to be ‘natural/normal’. Everyone learned invaluable skills. Thanks again! - H.H

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2-day Workshop

  • Group sessions are $17,497 for up to 10 participants. Travel fee may apply.

*We schedule this training for groups and also for one-on-one coaching.  We don't currently have open enrollment sessions avaialble.