If you scored 39 – 65:   Your upcoming Go Live is going to have a BIG impact on Users and on the business.  Effective User training is critical to your success, to being able to deliver what you promised.  For you it’s vital that you provide Users with training that ensures they’re proficient by the time you go live, not after.  You can’t afford the chaos created by User confusion.  You’ve probably spent a lot of money on your new system.  You should also invest in excellent User training.  I strongly recommend 100% Proficiency Training for this Go Live.  It’s your insurance Users will be 100% ready when you go live. Everyone will enjoy a smooth cutover experience.  You’ll see rapid and thorough User adoption. Don’t gamble.  The investment is worth it.  Contact us to talk about it and for a price quote.

If you scored 25 – 38:   User training might not be the foremost thing on your mind regarding this particular upcoming implementation.  The application might not be that challenging for Users to learn or there isn’t much potential for negative User issues.  Still, a solid training strategy and quality training will help you get your Users ready for the change.  If you’d like any help, contact us to talk about it.

If you scored 12 – 24:  This Go Live isn’t causing you any stress worrying about potential problems caused by lack of User competence when you go live.  Sounds like the change is going to be easy on Users and the business.   Do provide whatever training resources are needed to make sure Users are happy.  You probably don’t need any help, but if you think you do, contact us to talk about it.


Leverage Training to Maximize User Adoption

100% Proficiency® Training is a new and proven way to provide User training that guarantees you’ll have Users who are confident and productive when you go live.  It works with all software application training, including ERP, CRM and EPIC®.  The training can be in person or online. 

This means you’ll:

  • Eliminate disruption to your business

  • Create enthusiastic User adoption

  • Create ROI much faster

What Clients Say

In the past new sales reps started closing deals after 6-7 days. This time we had the new hires selling and booking orders on day 3!  100% Proficiency cut the time in ½, but I think another benefit was that my ‘Training + Go Live’ went from 2 weeks down to 1 week! Not only was 100% Proficiency easy to implement, it really ensured that when they got to each step they had a really good understanding of all the previous steps leading up to it.” — CRM Trainer

“Our recent go live was essentially a ‘non-event.’ The delivery of 100% Proficiency training to well over 500 employees received praise from our entire organization. Quite frankly, the training program served as an initial and significant change management step. The growing employee competency became contagious and our employees enthusiastic with the redesigned processes and systems.” — Project Manager

“With this training method, you cannot be disappointed. — CIO

Contact us to talk about it.