What it feels like to be great


My greatest joy is seeing someone gain their greatness.

I recently coached a Director in a biotech company. Her presentations were considered very good. But she wasn't meeting her own expectations. She wanted to be great. 

It’s a level of excellence that’s not for everyone. Not everyone has it on their priority list to be a world class communicator.

I get the ones who do have it as a priority through the hard work and struggle. What comes out of it is worthy. The joy almost can't be expressed in words.

She just emailed me that she gave a talk to 3,000 at a major industry conference. Huge stage. This is what she wrote:

“The talk was amazing, and I’m going to be completely immodest here. It was the talk of the conference. I could hardly move the next couple of days because people stopped me every few steps to praise the talk, ask questions, ask for follow-up.

“I could tell after the talk who had been there and who hadn’t, because everyone who had been there looked at me with awe in their eyes.

“I was overwhelmed by the number of tweets stating my talk was the highlight of the conference.

I felt amazing up there, incredibly happy and energized. I was in the moment. There was a moment partway through when I felt how well it was going, felt the rapport with the audience, and thought, ‘I love doing this, and I am really good at it.” 

We're not supposed to feel this good about ourselves. It feels like we're breaking some rule. But, let me tell you, this rule was meant to be broken. This is exactly how good we should feel about ourselves.