Are Your Well-Developed Communication Skills Sabotaging Your Success?

If All Of Your Communication Skills Training Was Actually Taking You Away From Reaching Your Goals, Would You Know?

Bill was a Senior Director who was trying to make the re-org go away.  He started out endlessly explaining why it was a bad idea to everyone who would listen.  When that didn’t work he moved to debating.  Debating was replaced with pleading and eventually threatening.  Bill was a loyal, valuable high-level director, so others put up with it. But it was all useless in getting anyone to change their mind.  He talked himself blue in the face and had given up on “communication”.

Many people in Bill’s position would embark on a journey to work on their communication skills in order to better work through issues like this.

Sadly, this usually ends up with things getting worse. In fact, some of the most “well-trained” communicators are the least prepared to achieve the outcomes they want.

How could this be?

Because the issue isn’t whether or not you’re communicating well, the issue is whether or not you’re communicating at all!

If you’re not getting what you want, you’re not actually communicating.

It sounds blunt, and it is. But it’s also the truth. If you’re not getting what you want, the fact is that you’re not communicating…not really communicating.

Many very successful people think they’re communicating (they really believe it), but what they’re actually doing is not communication. They are talking, persuading, convincing, selling, explaining endlessly, debating, arguing, complaining, demanding, asserting, insisting, challenging, defending, justifying, overpowering, drowning them in details, just putting it out there, scolding, lecturing, posturing, pleading, trying to impress, throwing it out and hoping it lands, dropping hints and leaving clues, being indirect, threatening, forcing, getting emotional, and sometimes outright manipulating.

These things do not work. They never have, they never will.  When someone is doing even one of these other things, you can be sure the one thing they are not doing is causing real communication to happen.

  • If you’re not getting the promotion you deserve, it’s because you’re not actually communicating…

  • If your team doesn’t listen to you, it’s because you’re not actually communicating…

  • If you’re not able to resolve that conflict in your organization or even at home, it’s because you’re not actually communicating…

Understand that true communication means you get what you want, and the other party also gets what they want. More specifically, they end up wanting what you want.

What does REAL communication look like?

What does real communication look like? More importantly, what is it able to achieve?

I’ll finish Bill’s story to show you exactly how magical it can be…

Bill spent some time in our “Universe” and discovered a new method to truly communicate.

He gave up the talking, the convincing and the debating in favor of this new method.

Then he went back to his organization and, for the first time, he communicated using the approach he had just learned.

Initially he was told it was too late, that  the re-org decision had already been made and he had to move forward.  But within 48 hours, senior leadership retracted the re-org announcement.  (If you’ve never worked in such a large organization, understand that this doesn’t happen. But it happened for Bill.)

It was the equivalent of saying, “We were wrong and we’re changing it back.”  Simply on the basis of, “We understand more today than we did yesterday and, in light of this new understanding, we re-evaluated the situation and our decision.”  Senior leadership was grateful to have a more complete picture of the situation.  Everyone was relieved.  Frustration evaporated. 

The facts never changed.  The level of understanding did.  And Bill is the reason that happened. He made it happen.

What could you achieve with this ability?

In the upcoming Causative Communication ONLINE event, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the very same method Bill used to completely shift the future of his organization and put it into practice in your own work and life.

How would your life change if you had the tools to melt away every obstacle standing between you and what you want?

As you might expect, this is a power that can be used for both good and evil. So I’m going to assume, in good faith, that your motivations for acquiring this ability are well-intentioned. It is our goal that these skills be used ONLY in pursuit of those type of good outcomes.

The fact is that not one in 10,000 people has ever experienced this level of communication. And even fewer people have mastered the ability to create it on demand.

You can be one of those people.

In just 90 minutes, you will discover a new method of communication that will give you the ability to create what you want at every level of your work and life.

How can you know if this is right for you?

If your current level of communication does not allow you to choose what happens in each situation, then you will benefit from learning this method.

The next Causative Communication ONLINE event is happening on:

February 13, 2019 at 11 am - 12:30 pm PST/ 1 pm - 2:30 pm CST/ 2 pm - 3:30 pm EST.

You can attend from anywhere in the world.

Enrollment for the event is $250 and your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. If you’re not fully satisfied with the online event, we will refund you the full amount if requested within 30 days.

Due to the hands-on nature of this event, space is limited. So enroll sooner than later to make sure you get a spot.

Just imagine waking up the day after the event with the newfound ability to make the obstacles keeping you from what you want disappear.

Just imagine what could you achieve from there…

P.S. Here are a few comments from those who have attended this online event:

“It was very informative. The most unique and engaging style of online webinar I have ever seen.” - S.L., Manager

"This webinar has given me a tool to be able to analyze just about any situation between people that has gone sideways. I get 100% agreement with my analysis, and I look like a ROCK STAR!!!! Doesn’t get much more amazing than that!" - L.M., Senior VP

“I’m in sales and because of this webinar I just got my biggest purchase order yet! It was the smoothest large sale I've had yet. It closed 3 months ahead of my expectations based on past experience.” – A.T., Sales

"Last night while driving home from the office my thoughts were of you and how grateful I am to have attended your webinar back in December.  As you know, the critical meeting I had just after that webinar was a huge success. And the second critical discussion with the team I have really been struggling with was another amazing success story. I could not believe how my relationship with two individuals I’ve been struggling with was transformed over the course of a single phone call. They are now going to include me on several important projects and I am confident this is the beginning of a truly effective working relationship.  And I continue to experience amazing things even still. The executive I met with immediately after your webinar has been reflecting on our conversation ever since, and yesterday I was asked to begin work on a very high profile project that he wants my input on. Needless to say, I am beyond thrilled to have this opportunity to shine and I fully intend to make great things happen! Causative!  So from the bottom of my heart, thank you again!  - K.G., Director

“Absolutely amazing! It was very eye opening and helpful. Very well done and structured. I loved being directly coached by Ingrid. Very grateful for this. I didn’t think that being part of this webinar will have such an impact on me from so far away.” - N.K., Inside Sales

“Following the webinar, I have found myself focusing on all of those principles of truly effective communication you covered. Applying these to my life has led to higher quality conversations (more effective results, people more intently listening to me, etc.). Thanks again for coaching me – it was very powerful. I have found the skills you worked with me on to be incredibly helpful!” - M.M., Business Analyst

“This is definitely a testament to the profound effect even a 90 min webinar can have!” - Talent Development Manager

“I have had numerous people comment to me how I command the meeting whenever I am presenting or participating in a discussion. A very frequent comment I receive is, ‘When you talk, people listen, no matter what!”  I have had the opportunity to put those skills to work through large-scale projects and also presenting to large virtual audiences all over the world. People are constantly reaching out to me, so I know the message is getting through. - J.L., Analyst

It was one of the most engaging and interactive online learning experiences I’ve ever participated in. I really derived a lot of value from this. I loved the mix of content, interaction, demo/coaching, and Q&A. It kept me engaged the entire time. Ingrid is the ultimate professional, truly engaging. Despite being online, I felt like we all interacted and that there was plenty to keep me interested and engaged throughout the entire 90+ minutes.” - L.C., Director, Global Marketing

I now have a sense of peace about communication that is wonderful to experience.  This has been a real blessing to me.” – S.D., COO


February 13, 2019

11 am - 12:30 pm PST/ 1 pm - 2:30 pm CST/ 2 pm - 3:30 pm EST




If you’re not fully satisfied with the webinar, we will refund you the full amount if requested within 30 days.